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    White Glove, Over the Threshold

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In our field of high risk patients time is crucial, and World Courier Ground has excelled at working with our organization to ensure that delivery to our patients is never interrupted. World Courier Ground understands the urgency of our business, and has always responded in a prompt and professional manner. The degree of dedication and commitment exemplified by World Courier Ground is second to none. We endorse their service for the level of responsiveness and care that they have shown to our business and our patients.

Home Care Director



Simplify medical logistics and satisfy your customers with white glove, over the threshold service. Delivery to the precise location within the home is standard with caring and specially trained drivers to follow your patient protocols.

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Meet urgent patient needs with the forward stocking of your medical inventories. Same day delivery can simplify your supply chain efficiencies with the help of a nationwide network, stock management, and advanced technologies.

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Other Solutions

Elevate your customer deliveries with forward stocking, on demand, and time-critical delivery solutions. In a single-call action, our transportation, distribution and delivery solutions solve your complex medical logistics challenges and satisfy your customers.

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